Photos courtesy of the Library of Congress.

The blacks live in slave quarters.

The whites live in the Big House.

The stories that began in Kedzie, Master, and Sonny come to some conclusion in Westfall, Slave to King Cotton.

WESTFALL, Slave to King Cotton

In spite of the conflicts between master and slave, all the inhabitants of Westfall are “slave to King Cotton," the crop that brings white wealth and black poverty.

...a tapestry of vivid richness, density, and formidable design.

—Steven Bauer, Hollow Tree Literary Services

Westfall Plantation is a duality of wealth and poverty

St. Helena Island slaves livein barely habitable cabins so drafty they can’t keep the smoke in the chimney, and the doors won't stay shut. Their obedience to their master is anything but benign.

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Photos courtesy of the Library of Congress.