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We are all better for seeing ourselves through her eyes

Len Lawson

...honors the past with precise imagery and controlled musical language.

Sandy Coomer

Stanard digs deep past the dirt to the truth.

Charlotte Morgan

Curious Design

Poems by Bonnie Stanard

Designs by Giovanni Batista d'Antonio Braccelli 

Published by Brandylane Publishers

Poetry Recognition

Rash Award Finalist 2018

USC Sumter’s Medical Humanities Writing Award 2011

River Poets Journal Short Poem Contest First Place 2008

Knock magazine Ecolit Contest First Place 2008

Marsh Hawk Book Contest Finalist 2008

Pushcart Nomination 2007

Copyright Bonnie Stanard

Bonnie R. Stanard


Monday Morning Service

Shades of Gospel

Country Song of Carolina
Crossroads Store
Ironing Clothes

Time Carries All Things Away

by Bonnie Stanard

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Time Carries All Things Away

37 Pages of Poems