"acute observations about the human condition"

Steven Bauer

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Brings to life hard times, hog butchering, moonshine, snake bite, hunting dogs, barn dance, preaching the gospel, and the rhythm of farm life in 1944

"[Stanard] manages to dramatize the hidden sorrows, problems, and desires of the family members in subtle and complex ways..."

Steven Bauer, Hollow Tree Literary Services


A Son as a Soldier

Lily's family has never met a Nazi, but they are forced to make sacrifices for the fight.

A son moves out of the farm house and cousins move in, bringing with them home grown problems. Breathes life into rural history and the South.


Copyright Bonnie Stanard

"A poignant tale from start to finish
....emotionally captivating"

Chanticleer Review

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Appeals to grown-ups and young adults.

Chanticleer Review

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Fictional stories about the undeclared love, worry, and hope of a farm family in 1944-45


A Farm Family

Lily's questions

— About God and the Church

No answer from the preacher

— About her missing father

No answer from her mother

James River Writers finalist

Best Self-Published Novel of 2016

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