SONNY, Cold Slave Cradle

Sonny is a mulatto baby, the son of plantation owner Tilmon Goodwyn and his slave Lovey. A child born of a slave mother is the property of the mother's owner. Thus, Sonny is the slave of his father.

SONNY, Cold Slave Cradle

This is a sobering look at life on an antebellum South Carolina plantation. If you enjoy history and literary work, treat yourself to this read.

—Ginny Padgett, SC Writers Workshop

Photos courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Copyright Bonnie Stanard

Bonnie R. Stanard


Sonny has many of the same joys and triumphs as the earlier two books—electric and electrifying scenes, and dialogue so acute and colorful that it leaps off the page.

—Steven Bauer

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