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— a strong protagonist
— pitch perfect dialogue
— an honest perspective
— captivating
— draws on all the senses

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The road to Westfall plantation is a showcase of beauty, but in the distance are the slave quarters, barely habitable hovels. Owner Tilmon Goodwyn credits himself with the benevolent care of his family and slaves, but little does he know of the venom hidden in their acts of obedience

Stanard has “shrewd eyes capable of recording life without flinching and a deep love and understanding of her characters.

 World War II novels of a girl saying goodbye to childhood

we see her growing responsibility

her passion for something other than an ordinary life

a combination of heartbreak, loss, and redemption

unsparing and absorbing

a captivating read

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 Gritty and unsparing, this is an absorbing, well-paced read,

sure to please a wide variety of readers. 

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This captivating and well-researched story will resonate with you long after reading the final page.

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In 1944-45 a tight-knnit family looks out for one another, but not all is paradise on the farm.

There are hidden angers and resentments, missed opportunities, and persisting regrets—all of which confuses thirteen year-old Lily,

who finds that even God can't solveher problems. 

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