... powerful sensory images of plantation life

... [sheds] light on the darker side of antebellum American history


    A stellar, heart-wrenching chronicle of human bondage.

Kirkus Reviews

Bonnie R. Stanard


At night in the quarters, cries and laughter escape through chinks in the walls. This rush of humanity is overworked and underfed, crude, brash, and aggrieved, and Kedzie wants no part of it.

* The Story Continues *


Kedzie is the first in a series of St. Helena Island novels

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*Master of Westfall Plantation
A Best Book of 2015 (BlueInkReview)

* SONNY,Cold Slave Cradle

*WESTFALL, Slave to King Cotton

Copyright Bonnie Stanard

The young girl Kedzie hardly knows she’s a slave until she moves from the village to the quarters of Westfall Plantation. People sleep on coarse ticks stuffed with shucks and cook their corn pone over the open fire.

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