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Triggerfish Critical Review #20

online publication date July 2018

Three of my poems will be published online in the July issue of Triggerfish Critical Review #20.

My poems differ from one another in major ways, but there’s a spiritual element to all of them. The poems are: 1) “Common Story Among Strangers” 2) “I Pray” and 3) “On the Verge of Holy."

In a critique, Robert Stout wrote about my poems: “Powerful imagery emerging from everyday words and pacing that seems conversational, intimate.”

If you’re interested in poetry, it’s worthwhile to read Editor Dave Mehler’s "Letter To the Editor." Though I write poetry, I’ve had ambivalent feelings about the genre in general. Mehler tells us that we can hate poetry and still need it, using as reference Ben Lerner’s The Hatred of Poetry.

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I think we all realize there is more to life than what we can say using language. The unseeable, what we know exists but can’t identify, is in many respects un-speakable. This inherent understanding eludes words. Poetry is our effort to give this understanding expression.

Florida Authors and Publishers Association Award

The cover of my children's book Cat's Fur was selected as a medalist in the 2018 Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA) President’s Awards in the category of Cover Design-Larger Format. It will receive either a gold, silver, or bronze medal at the annual President's Award Banquet in Lake Buena Vista, Florida August 4, 2018. Illustrations for Cat's Fur were produced by artist Marlaena Shannon, who has written and designed other children's books.

A plantation owner and the slaves who tolerated or hated him...the unadorned Antebellum South.

This item was as common as a dipper or an iron kettle in early American kitchens. They were rarely used in the winter but were necessary to prepare a Sunday dinner in the summer. There are three in the photo above, but a family only needed one. What are they?

Be the first to respond correctly using the form on this page and win your choice of one of my books (including the novels and the children's book).

CATS' FUR    Winner of 2018 FAPA President's Award