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3:30 PM Saturday, October 14

Aiken Public Library

314 Chesterfield St. SW

Aiken, SC

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Haunted History Halloween Program

7:00 PM

Thursday, October 26

and Friday, October 27

Lexington County Museum

231 Fox Street, Lexington, SC

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I have been writing and editing for 25 years with credits in numerous journals. My historical fiction novels are available at various online venues, including Amazon. If you've read one of my novels, please leave a comment on the website.

I live in Lexington, South Carolina.

Send in your guess today! 

The above item was commonly used by farmers throughout history until the 20th Century.

It came in numerous sizes.

What is it called? What was it used for?

If you're the first person to send the correct answer on the form below, you'll get your choice of any

of my novels, including my new children's book.

Linda Lester won last month's contest

by identifying a coffin screw,

an item complementing presentations

I made at local libraries

on "Death and Burial in the Antebellum South."

This month's item relates to the season of harvest. You may have seen a larger version of it

in the hands of the  grim reaper.

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A plantation owner and the slaves who tolerated or hated him...the unadorned Antebellum South.

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Be the first to identify the item in the photo below

and win your choice of one of my novels.

Written by Bonnie Stanard

Illustrated byMarlaena Shannon