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Poems about being me, well, sometimes it's not me. The past that's always present. We live in the moment but that moment owes much to our parents, grandparents and ancestors. Poems here remind us of our debt to the past.

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A plantation owner and the slaves who tolerated or hated him...the unadorned Antebellum South.

Last weekend, March 27 and 28, Doug and I were at the Conyers Cherry Blossom Festival. Not exactly a winning weekend, but it was worth the effort.

Cherry Blossom Festival Wrap-up

Conyers, GA

The Cherry Blossom Festival was a learning experience.

Lesson #1 – Location! Location!
Lesson #2 – In-your-face lay-out

Our booth was not located on the Midway, and few people ventured into the two courses extending off the main thoroughfare, and we were on one of the courses. That in itself meant little traffic, but to make matters worse, we were surrounded by vendors with no merchandise on display—the sheriff’s department, Conyers waterworks, and the Christian Academy.

Books are a hard-sell to begin with. It was unrealistic to assume people would stop and meander inside the tent where my books were displayed. I figured that out by Sunday and placed the table with books crosswise the tent and near enough to the strolling public to attract their attention without their stopping.

We were rained out on Sunday. I’ve learned to be proactive in packing up if the weather looks threatening. Rained-on books don’t recover.

The Cherry Blossom Festival was well organized and the staff was helpful.


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