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Publications - six novels, two children's books, one poetry book

HOMES I was born in South Carolina and graduated University of South Carolina. Cities that have been home to me are Chicago, Atlanta, Richmond, Brussels, Belgium, and currently, Lexington, SC.

PUBLISHING My short stories, novels, and poetry have appeared in journals such as Plum Tree Tavern, Crack the Spine, Hiram Poetry Review, and Broad River Review. And it has been recognized with awards from such as Florida Authors and Publishers Assoc., James River Writers, York County Arts Council.

When I'm not writing, I'm promoting myself, researching, or watching a movie.

I admire writers such as Hilary Mantel and Coln Toibin, and Annie Proulx.  And movies like Empire of the Sun, Black Book and Winter's Bone.

1944-45 Family saga



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