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April 20-28, 2018

Lake City, South Carolina

The small town of Lake City opens its doors to art for this festival, which attracts artists from the Southeast. Last year I spent two days walking about the town viewing artwork. You could spend the entire week. It's an event I wouldn't miss.

A plantation owner and the slaves who tolerated or hated him...the unadorned Antebellum South.

This item was as common as a dipper or an iron kettle in kitchens of the early 20th Century. They were rarely used in the winter but were necessary to prepare a Sunday dinner in the summer. There are three in the photo above, but a family only needed one. What are they?

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Colson Whitehead

I've written about 200 pages of an historical fiction story that takes place in 1672 France. Every time I think I'm getting to a conclusion, something happens to one of the characters and "The end" fades into the distance.

I'm also working on a children's story, a sequel to Cat's Fur

 Things are going on in my head

Not just bubbles... but a story

but it's taking a while

to get it figured out

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March 12, 2018

With Curtis Rogers

South Carolina State Library

I was interviewed by Curtis Rogers on the subject of my writing, in particular the novel What Missing Means. We covered my background as well as that of the book and touched on other subjects as well. It's about 30 minutes long. Click Bonnie Interview to give it a listen.

Award winning writer Colson Whitehead came to the University of South Carolina March 28. His novel, The Underground Railroad, has been described as an allegory and a myth, and maybe that's why I haven't been able to understand it. He's a captivating speaker.

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