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A poignant tale from start to finish, Dust on the Bible by Bonnie Stanard is a vivid and emotionally captivating story about the strife of a family living in rural South Carolina in 1944. —Chanticleer Review

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 Concluding Lily's story

 A marriage unravels, and relatives move into the Reinhart homestead. A young cousin commits an escalating series of violent acts. Lily shares her loft while wishing they would move out. As Lily worries about where she belongs in the family, she comes to realize life has more questions than answers.

My latest novels depart from the 1850s and take place during WW II.

The story begins with twelve-year-old Lily and moves out to include the members

of her large extended family, all of whom have stories as well.

Copyright Bonnie Stanard

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