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In May, my zoom presentation to the St. Andrews Shepherd's Center  previewed the setting of "Béjart's Caravan." Witches and demons were as real then as wifi is to us. If you were so unlucky as to be convicted of witchcraft...see picture below.

Much has been made of a priest who was burned at the stake, convicted of being a demon. He didn't have a chance at his trial, for the witches of Loudun testified against him.

Writer Workshops

Reasons to attend workshops

1) get realistic about your writing

2) clean out wordy words

3) discover dead spots

4) recognize amateurish writing

4) become familiar with genres

5) get ideas for your stories

6) meet writer types

When you miss the mark, get confused, or lose your muse, writers who care about your work will help you through those moments. Honest critiques will hurt sometimes. If it never hurts, the workshop's probably not a good one.  

Many writer workshops are in South Carolina. Find one at the South Carolina Writer's Association website.

The traveling actors get into some hot spots, but not this hot.



Tenth Full Moon is 34 pages for ages 4-8

illustrated by Marlaena Shannon

A mysterious witch can live forever
as long as she remembers to call down the magic of the tenth full moon.

But on this October night,
a hex affects her cabbage,
the possum cooking on her stove
stinks up the kitchen.

She's forgetting the one night
she must remember. 

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my novel about a troupe

of roving actors
in the French provinces


The actors meet with religious fanatics, desperate maidens, greedy peasants, nefarious nobles, and the plague.

They are borderline rogues who have to scramble to avoid being driven asunder by the Catholic Church. Molière's body has a part to play in the plot.

Great for Halloween

Coming in 2022

Béjart's Caravan

Witches were real

in 1672

The actors enter hamlets
in their gaudy caravans
to the shrill sound of pipes and tabor.

In the village square

they juggle knives,

leap through hoops

walk on their hands

twirl in exotic dances,

recite bawdy poems,

and act in burlesque skits.

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