Writer Workshops

It's like free editing,

if the workshop is

a good one.

Reasons to attend workshops

1) get realistic about your writing

2) clean out wordy words

3) discover dead spots

4) recognize amateurish writing

4) become familiar with genres

5) get ideas for your writing

6) meet writer types

Workshops have personalities. Try to avoid "performance" workshops. By that I mean ones in which every paper gets a round of applause and "Good work!" even if it's drivel. Some people can't take negative comments about their work and they make up this type of workshop.

Honest critiques hurt feelings sometimes. It's as simple as that.  You're not at your best all the time. You miss the mark, get confused, lose your muse. Other writers who care about your writing will alert you to those  moments.

Many writer workshops are in South Carolina. Find one at the South Carolina Writer's Association website.

Blog on my writing life


I'm a member of Columbia II Writers Workshop and I attend the Lexington group.

Click below for my contributions to Columbia II's blog.

The traveling actors get into some hot spots, but not this hot.

Coming in 2022

Béjart's Caravan

The presentation on witches that I made to the St. Andrews Shepherd's Center in May previewed the setting of my upcoming novel, "Béjart's Caravan." Witches and demons were as real to 17th Century France as wifi is to us. The characters in my novel would be well aware of a priest who was burned at the stake, convicted of being a demon. He didn't have a chance at his trial, for the witches of Loudun testified against him.

One of the characters in my novel is accused of being a witch. And another has epilepsy, which put him at risk.



First came a book
I couldn't put down

Copyright Bonnie Stanard

Béjart is About

1672 actors traveling
the French provinces

They meet with religious fanatics, desperate maidens, greedy peasants, nefarious nobles, and the plague. They are borderline rogues who have to scramble to avoid being driven asunder by the Catholic Church. Molière doesn't show up, but his body does.

I'm being ignored by red wolves, April 26, 2021
Art Fields in Lake City, SC. Actually the photo doesn't do justice to the wolves. I spent two days about Main Street and the town looking at displays of art of every sort.

Art Fields is an annual event
and well worth the trip to
Lake City.

Rest in Pieces tells

of the missing, misplaced,

and mutilated bodies

of famous people.
One of them is

his midnight burial

 uncertain grave,

 his body dug up

bought and sold

He's not in his grave
Pere Lachaise Cemetery

so where is his body?

This sort of thinking

 led to a novel.